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30 June 2006
June 1st 2006

Kate RussellKate Russell gives us a guide to the sites in her Favourites folder.

Kate's Caveats: Obviously you need to be informed and aware when downloading software off the Internet, so here are some simple guidelines to help you surf safely.

IMDbOur first site today is a must see for anyone who is a fan of the movies. The Internet Movie Database, or IMDb to its friends, is a classic website that has settled many an argument in my house.

This website bills itself as Earth's biggest movie database, and while I don't know what they base that statement on, if it's not accurate, it certainly can't be far off. Use the search tool on the left to hunt down a particular title, director or actor using a standard keyword search, or use their categories and listings to browse through the content at random.

Each tab across the top takes you to a section with featured articles linked in the centre, and if you click the smaller links just below the tabs you can access areas like their top box office hits lists for various regions of the world, and a great section which highlights the current news in the world of independent film.

Easy to access, fast to load, and packed with amazing facts and information. What more could you ask of a reference website?

American RhetoricAmerican Rhetoric is a website that I found fascinating because it helps you to understand the way the American culture has evolved and developed, and the issues that have been important in the past.

You'll need sound enabled to get the most out of this website since, as one would expect from a website all about speeches, there are a lot of audio files for you to listen to. But don't worry if you don't have any speakers to hand as all the speeches are also transcribed just below the audio player and introductory image.

The featured sections are panelled in the main page, or you can use the links on the left. There are sections covering all sorts of things, so I suggest you just wade in and have a browse. There is even a section with some classic movie speeches inside it. My advice is to listen to the links for the most requested audio files - which contain things like Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech, and other classic moments in history.

If you are a little more adventurous you can listen to famous movie speeches - there are some terrific movie moments here from the Saint Crispin day's Address from Shakespeare's 'Henry the Fifth', to the slightly less historic president's speech from the film 'Independence Day'.

Talk GraphicsTalk Graphics is another one of those excellent forums where literally hundreds, possibly even thousands of people hang out every day, talking about the things that they love to do. Lots and lots of people enjoy creating graphics on their computers, for fun as well as work - I should know, I'm one of them - and I should think a fair few of those people hang out in this crisp and friendly forum.

As with all forums you need to register to make a post, but you don't need to register to read the posts that are being made and you may well find your question has been asked by someone else in the past anyway, so it's always worth taking a look before you ask. As with any public access website like this the usual caveats about content apply, though being a moderated forum you are unlikely to come across anything too unsuitable.