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African American Women Writers Grades 6 to 12 New York Public Library

This site from the New York Public Libarary lets users access texts of writings by 19th century African American women. The titles and topics vary, but the site offers an interesting exposure to primary sources that might not otherwise be available.

American Rhetoric Grades 9 to 12

Rhetoric can be a difficult concept for students to grasp in isolation. This collection of full-text speeches and audio/video clips from political speeches, legal proceedings, interviews, debates, news broadcasts, and movies can really get the discussion going in speech and composition class! Definitions/interpretations of rhetoric are provided, along with a few interactive activities that make students think. A great resource for analyzing how wordsmiths use language to elicit a desired response from the audience. Created for American Rhetoric by Michael Eidenmuller. MP3 player required.

American Rhetoric- Top 100 Speeches Grades 6 to 12

This site provides a unique opportunities for students and teachers listen to the original audio files of some of the most pivotal American political speeches, as well as read the transcripts of many others. Either as a supplement to American History and Social Studies curriculum, or as a lesson in the role of political rhetoric in American Government, this site has a wonderful collection of primary resources.

American Writers Grades 6 to 12 C-Span

C-Span has created an American writers site containing biographical information and literary excerpts from dozens of American writers from the 17th century to the present. The excerpts include a variety of critical and interpretation resources. C-Span plans to add additional content, including teacher materials, when the cable series of the same name airs in Spring, 2002.

Anne Frank the Writer Grades 6 to 12 Smithsonian

This site documents the US Holocaust Museum‚€™s recent exhibit about Anne Frank‚€™s unpublished writings. The site includes an introduction, interviews, excerpts from a number of unpublished works, and a series of links for additional information. This one could be an interesting bridge between a writing assignment and the study of World War II.

Canadian Poetry Grades 9 to 12 University of Toronto

This site from the library of the University of Toronto offers selections and resources for contemporary Canadian poetry. There are also links to Canadian poetry publications, criticism, and a calendar of poetry events.

Chicago Manual of Style FAQ Grades 9 to 12 University of Chicago Press

An ongoing collection of grammatical esoterica, primarily questions submitted by writers, editors, and academics. There's a chance you'll find useful commentary here, but only by coincidence.

Citation Style Guides Grades 8 to 12 Seattle Central Community College

Provide students with a resource that can answer all of their questions when working on a bibliography for a class project or paper. This site conveniently features MLA, Turabian, APA, and AAA styles, presents examples of specific citations, and provides links to other helpful Web sources. Developed by the Seattle Central Community College Library.

Common Errors in English Grades 6 to 12 Wisconsin State University

This is a no-frills presentation and explanation of some of the most commonly misused English words, terms, and phrases. If you are uncertain about a particular word or phrase, check it here.

Daily Grammar Grades 6 to 12

It may not be everyone's favorite topic, but here's a site that offers something different each day for those who want to brush up on their grammar skills. In addition to the daily reminder, there is also a full selection of other grammar, style, and usage information.


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