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2012 RCA Convention -- Orlando, Florida


The Religious Communication Association invites submissions for the 2012 NCA Convention, November 15-18, in Orlando, FL.  (PLEASE NOTE: all submissions will be considered for NCA as well as the RCA Pre-Conference. By submitting to RCA, you agree to have your work considered for the RCA pre-conference.)

The 2012 NCA Convention Theme is "Celebrate COMMunity." This theme provides opportunities to highlight the various intersections between traditional divisions within our broader areas of Communication Studies. We strongly encourage you to address the theme and the location (Orlando) as you develop your proposal, but all proposals addressing communication and religion are welcome.

RCA will accept submissions in any of the following formats: Competitive individual papers, paper sessions and panel discussions.

Individual papers should include an abstract and are limited to 25 double-spaced pages, excluding notes.  Only completed papers will be considered. Individual papers should not contain any identifying information (author name, university affiliation). Unless otherwise requested, the planners will consider all competitive papers for NCA's "scholar-to-scholar" interactive sessions. If you would like to be considered for Scholar to Scholar, please check the appropriate agreement box on the electronic form. The same paper may not be submitted to more than one division. Submit only one first-author paper, session or panel per NCA unit (division or affiliated organization).

Student papers should be clearly marked to be eligible for the RCA Student Paper of the Year as well as the Donald P. Cushman Award for top student paper in NCA.  For multi-authored works to be eligible, all authors must be students.

Paper sessions:  These theme-based sessions should include a title, a list of presenters with institutional affiliations, titles and abstracts for each individual presentation. To be considered for inclusion in the convention program, multiple institutions must be represented. Submissions should include a description for the online convention program as well as a rationale for the significance and relevance of the session.

Panel discussions should include a title and a list of presenters with institutional affiliations.  To be considered for inclusion in the convention program, multiple institutions must be represented. Submissions should include a description for the online convention program and a rationale that addresses the significance and relevance of the panel.

Scholar-to-Scholar: A one-on-one interactive format for communication and discussion; individual papers are submitted for public display in dedicated sessions with engagement by selected "wandering scholars" (experts in the field).  This format is appropriate for presentations such as video, interactive media, slide shows, experiential activities, and posters. If you would like to be considered for Scholar to Scholar please check the appropriate approval box on the electronic submission form.




Submit ALL papers/sessions/panels to RCA online via NCA's Submission Central site at

INDICATE THE RCA DIVISION: Clearly indicate on the front page of your document (paper/session/panel) which RCA division you want to review your paper/session/panel proposal (divisions listed below). Please also indicate if your paper/session/panel proposal involves inter-divisional cooperation both within RCA or other NCA divisions/affiliate groups in the rationale.

RCA Divisions are:

- Mediated Communication: All forms of mediated communication (film, television, radio, etc.), public relations, advertising, and mass communication theory.

- Communication Studies: Interpersonal and public communication, communication theory, gender and cultural studies.

- Rhetorical Studies: Rhetorical theory and criticism, public address, and performance.

Submit curriculum and instruction papers, sessions or panels to the appropriate RCA division or directly to NCA as a G.I.F.T.S. (Great Ideas for Teaching Students). Please note that G.I.F.T.S. only accepts individual paper submissions. Submit proposals for Short Courses, Seminars, NCA Preconferences, or any of NCA's First Vice President's Special Programming directly to the appropriate NCA division. Refer to NCA's Convention site ( for more details on special programming.

INDICATE if the paper is a STUDENT PAPER (undergraduate or graduate) by checking the appropriate box on the NCA Submission Central form.

INDICATE if you need any A/V equipment.  Requests must be made at the time of the paper, session or panel submission and should be kept to essential equipment only please.

PROGRAM PLANNER: If you have any questions, please contact J. Matthew Melton, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Lee University 1120 N. Ocoee St. Cleveland, TN 37311. Office Phone: 423-615-8115. Email:


Call for submissions.doc