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"A Streetcar Named Desire" (1951)


Stanley Kowalski: "Stella!"

Audio mp3 delivered by Marlon Brando and Peg Hillias


Kowalski: Hey, Stella!

Eunice: You quit that howling down there and go to bed!


Kowalski: Eunice, I want my girl down here.

Eunice: You shut-up. You're going to get the law on you.


Kowalski: Hey, Stella!!

Eunice: You canít beat on a woman and then call her back 'cause she ain't gonna come. And her going to have a baby.


Kowalski: Listen, Eunice...

Eunice: I hope they haul you in and turn a fire hose on you --

Kowalski: Eunice, I want my girl down here!

Eunice: -- like they done the last time. You stinker!


Kowalski: Hey, Stellllaaaahhhh!!! Hey, Stellaaaahhhh!!

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