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"Miracle" (2004)


Coach Herb Brooks: Address to Players During Olympic Hockey Match Against Sweden

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Brooks: This is unbelievable. You guys are playing like this is some throw-away game up in Rochester.  Who we playing, Ramer?

Mike Ramsey: Sweden.

Brooks: Yeah, you're damn right! Sweden! In the Olympics!!


Brooks: What the hell's wrong with you? [to Rob McClanahan] Put your gear on. I said put your gear on!

Rob McClanahan: The Doc told me I can't play.

Brooks: Yeah, yeah, I know. You gotta bad bruise. You know what? Put your street clothes on 'cause I got no time for quitters.

Mike Eruzione: C'mon, Herb. Nobody's quittin' here.

Brooks: You worry about your own game. Plenty there to keep you busy.


[turning back to McClanahan]

Brooks: Bruise on the leg is a hellava long way from the heart, you candy ass.

Rob McClanahan: What'd you call me?

Brooks: You heard me.

Rob McClanahan: You want me to play? Huh?! Is that what you want?!

Brooks: I want you to be a hockey player!!

Rob McClanahan: I am a hockey player!! You want me to play on one leg?! Huh?! I'll play on one leg!!!

Brooks: [to Assistant Coach, Craig Patrick] Think that'll get 'em goin'?

Rob McClanahan: ...Get off me!! [to player holding him back] Does that make you happy?!....

Craig Patrick: Oh, yeah. I'll clean up.

Herb Brooks: 1937-2003

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