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"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939)


Senator Jefferson Smith Introduces National Boys Camp Bill

Audio mp3 delivered by Jimmy Stewart


Senate President: Introduction of new bills and joint resolutions.

  Mr. Smith: Mr. President!

Senate President: The Chair recognizes the rather strong-lunged Junior Senator, Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: I'm very sorry, sir, I have a bill to --

Senate President: You may speak a little louder, Senator. But not too loud.

Mr. Smith: I have a bill to propose, sir.


Senate President: Order, gentlemen. Our junior Senator is about to make a speech. You may proceed, Senator.

Mr. Smith: Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives that there -- that there be appropriated, as a loan, a sum sufficient to create a national boys camp, to be paid back to the United States Treasury by contributions from Boys of America. This camp, to be situated on the land at and adjacent to the headwaters of a stream known as Willet Creek in Terry Canyon, for the purpose of bringing together boys of all walks of life from various parts of the country -- boys of all creeds, kinds, and positions -- to educate them in American ideals, and to promote mutual understanding, and to bring about a healthful life to the growing youth of this great and beautiful land.

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