American Rhetoric: Movie Speech

"Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy" (1997)


Captain James T. Kirk Addresses Cadets at Officer Command College, Starfleet Academy


Captain Hikaru Sulu:  And now, my close friend, and our distinguished guest, Captain James T. Kirk.

Captain Kirk:  Thank you.... Welcome to Command College. You've just embarked on the most challenging course that the Academy has to offer, and also the most rewarding.

It is often said that Command School cadets are the "best of the best," and it's also said that I commanded the best: the best ship, and the best crew. Truth is, there's no such thing as "the best." One ship may be brand new, state of the art, but it also has countless bugs to work out. Another ship may be a hundred years old, and shake like a rattle, but the bugs are long gone -- and thatís why sheís a hundred years old.

Same goes for your crew. They may be technical wizards, but if they canít work as a team their skills are useless to you. When you meet your crew, youíll find a thousand abilities and talents and flaws, all crackling against each other, and that's where you come in.


Those of you who succeed in building a team

will be among the elite few to --

take us to the stars.



Good luck.

Fair weather.

And never forget --

that risk is your business.


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