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"Thank You For Smoking" (2005)


Senator Finistirre Press Conference on Big Tobacco

Audio mp3 delivered by William H. Macy


Senator Finistirre: Thank you all. Thank you all for coming. Tobacco is winning the war, the war against our children. They like to use cartoons and symbols to hook our kids. Well, now, we have a symbol of our own.

Doctor. [uncovers the new symbol] 

It is my hope that within the year every cigarette package sold in America will carry this symbol. Perhaps then cigarettes will finally be labeled appropriately -- as poison.

I will be holding a congressional hearing to discuss the inclusion of the 'skull and crossbones' in the next two weeks. As usual, I extend an open invitation to Big Tobacco. Perhaps this time they will grace us with their presence -- and their answers.

Thank you.

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