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"The Great Santini" (1979)


Bull Meechum Addresses Fighter Pilots of the U.S. Marine Corps Attack Squadron-312

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Officer: Attention on deck!

Lt. Col. Bull Meechum: Seats, gentlemen. Morning. You men now have the privilege of serving under the meanest, toughest, screamingest squadron commander in the Marine Corps: Me. Now, I don't want you to consider me as just your commanding officer. I want you to look on me like I was, well -- God. If I say something, you pretend it's coming from the "burning bush."

Now, we're members of the proudest, most elite group of fighting men in the history of the world. We are Marines, Marine Corps fighter pilots. We have no other function. That is our mission, and you're either going to hack it or pack it. Do you read me?

Within 30 days, I'm going to lead the toughest, flyingest sons of bitches in the world. The 312 Werewolf Squadron will make history, or it will die trying. Now, you're flying with Bull Meechum, now. And I kid you not, this is the eye of the storm. Welcome aboard. Carry on.

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