Tom Brady

Address at a White House Event Honoring the 2021 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers

delivered 20 July 2021, Washington, D.C.

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Thank you, Mr. President. Its certainly an honor to be here. Thank you very much for your hospitality your entire staff has given us today. I think what -- behind me is an amazing group of -- of players. We have a bunch of coaches and staff here sitting down.

And it was actually a very challenging season for a lot of reasons, but we bonded together; we worked really hard; we put all our individual agendas aside; and we came together as a team.

And sports has an amazing way of bringing people together. If you look at us, were all a little bit different ages. Im a little older than most of them. But we come from a lot of different places across the country, a lot of different schools, a lot of different backgrounds. But we love each other; were committed to one another. And when you do that, amazing things happen.

And these guys are a amazing group of men. It didnt look great there at one point. We were 7-5, struggling a little bit, as the President alluded to. But we found our rhythm. We got on a roll.

Not a lot of people, you know, think that we could have won. And, in fact, I think about 40 percent of the people still dont think we won.

President Biden: I understand that.

Mr. Brady: You understand that, Mr. President?

President Biden: I understand that.

Mr. Brady: Yeah. And personally, you know, its nice for me to be back here. We had a game in Chicago where I forgot what down it was. I lost track of one down in 21 years of playing, and they started calling me Sleepy Tom.  Why would they do that to me?

President Biden: I dont know.

Mr. Brady: So, its great to be -- you know, were on the eve of football season. We start, tomorrow, practice. And were going to do everything we can to work to achieve another one of those Lombardi trophies.

Its a different group of men. Itll be a different challenge, but were excited for it. Were excited for the opportunity to compete and work hard and show everyone what were made of.

So, were not going to throw the Super Bowl trophy this time, Cam [Brate], but were going to offer President Biden a special presentation from Mr. Glazer. And then were going to challenge 11 of us -- 11 White House interns to game of football here on the lawn, and we intend to run it up on you guys, so get ready to go.

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