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General James Mattis: First Address at Staff

Complete Transcript and Audio
American Rhetoric YouTube

Speech of the Week

John F. Kennedy

On Voice of America 20th Anniversary

"I think that I was most anxious to come here personally today, because I put such great importance on the work that you're doing. The Voice of America occupies, I believe, a key part in the story of American life."

"What we do here in this country, and what we are, what we want to be, represents, really, a great experiment in a most difficult kind of self-discipline, and that is the organization and maintenance and development and the progress of free government. And it is your task, as the executives and the participants in the Voice of America, to tell that story around the world."

"On the one hand, you are an arm of the Government, and therefore an arm of the Nation; and it is your task to bring our story around the world in a way which serves to represent democracy and the United States in its most favorable light."

"But on the other hand, as part of the cause of freedom, and the arm of freedom, you are obliged to tell our story in a truthful way, Oliver Cromwell said about his portrait, 'Paint us with all our blemishes and warts, all [those] things about us that may not be so immediately attractive.'"

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

"The choices we present to the world will be more difficult, and for some the future will seem even more empty of hope and progress. The barrage upon truth will grow more constant, and some people cannot bear the responsibility of a free choice which goes with self-government."

Text and Audio of Address

Chuck Schumer: Senate Floor Speech on Government Shutdown [w/ AudioXE and Video]

SecDef James Mattis: On U.S. National Security Strategy [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Jeff Flake: Senate Floor Speech on Truth, Power, and the Free Press [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Barack Obama: Senate Speech on Comprehensive Immigration Reform [w/ Audio and Video]

George W. Bush: U.S. Military Academy Commencement Address [w/ Audio]

Oprah Winfrey: Cecil B. Demille Award Acceptance [w/ Video]

Richard Fuld: Opening Statement and Complete Testimony to Congress on Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy [w/ Audio and Video]

National Security Strategy Address [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Ron Paul: Final Floor Speech to Congress [Audio and Video Upgraded]

Iraq War Speeches

12/15/11 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Marks the End of Operation New Dawn

08/31/10 President's Oval Office Address Announcing End of Operation Iraqi Freedom

2/27/09 President's Address at Camp Lejeune on Ending the War in Iraq

10/12/07 General Ricardo Sanchez's Address to Military Reporters and Editors

9/13/07 President's Address to the Nation on Moving Forward in Iraq

9/10/07 General David Petraeus' Opening Statement to Congress on the Status in Iraq

7/12/07 President's Press Conference on Iraq War

1/10/07 President's Address to the Nation on Troop Increase

9/11/06 President's National Address on Five-Year Anniversary of 9/11

12/18/05 President's National Address in Oval Office

2/4/05 L. Paul Bremer: TD Waterhouse Conference Keynote Address

2/02/05 President's 2005 State of the Union Address

1/30/05 President's Address Following Democratic Election in Iraq

10/4/04 Donald Rumsfeld's Address to the Council on Foreign Relations

4/13/04 President's Prime Time News Conference on Iraq War

4/8/04 Condoleezza Rice: 9/11 Commission Opening Statement

1/20/04 President's 2004 State of the Union Address

12/14/03 President Announces Capture of Saddam Hussein

5/01/03 President Announces End of Combat Ops in Iraq

Ashleigh Banfield: Landon Lecture at Kansas State University

4/13/04 President's Prime Time Press Conference on Iraq War

4/10/03 President and UK Prime Minister Addresses to the Peoples of Iraq

4/03/03 President's Address at Camp Lejeune

3/19/03 Senator Robert Byrd: The Arrogance of Power

3/19/03 President's Address to the Nation: Initial Ops in Iraq

3/17/03 President's Ultimatum to Saddam

2/05/03 Colin Powell's Address to the UN Security Council

1/28/03 President's State of the Union Address

8/26/02 Vice President Cheney's Address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 103rd National Convention

2/02/02 Paul Wolfowitz's Address at the 38th Verkunde Conference

1/29/02 President's State of the Union Address

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